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Alyssa Venora, our sweet, swingin' soprano, is responsible for most of those Very High Notes ™ you hear in Highline! Alyssa is also an educator, choral singer and conductor, and much of her musical work is rooted in empowering young artists to find community through musicianship and trust that their creativity is innately human and worth celebrating.


Alyssa will take any chance she can get to go on a nature walk (which isn’t the easiest in NYC!), cook something yummy, or cuddle with her and Jared's kitten, Hazel. Prized possessions include her massive library of children’s books and her lemonade recipe.

Meet Highline!



Emily's dulcet tones supply the alto in our quintet! Though raised in Northeast Philadelphia (go Eagles!), she's a graduate of Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, with a degree in Music Theory and Composition. Among Emily's many passions are Zumba, small birds, zebras, Freddie Mercury, and her smushy orange kitten, Fred.




Mark is our resident tenor, and he can sing really high. He's also a computer whiz, editing all our audio and video content at his ninja workstation. Mark works as a software engineer during the day, and regularly uses words that the other four of us definitely don't understand. Mark holds the title for smartest in the group


Our butter voiced baritone, Nick, is an aspiring actor/singer in the NYC area. Originally from Ohio, he moved to the big city to pursue a masters degree in musical theater and vocal pedagogy at New York University in 2015. Out of all of the many roles he's had, none are more important than his role as husband to his wife, Gabriella, and father to his little boy, Isaiah.


When he's not being a regular dad, he likes to play Spikeball and smoke meats in his backyard. Nick is also an avid barbershop quartet singer and sings tenor in the 2019 international 5th place quartet, MIDTOWN.



Jared is Highline's Bass and rhythm section (unless we're jamming with our instrumentalist friends). When he's not walking basslines that are probably a little too complicated, he's singing classically with professional choral ensembles, conducting, and arranging.

On a day off, you'd probably find Jared playing chess in the park, cooking a tasty meal, or spending time with his and Alyssa's beautiful Siberian cat, Hazel.

If you ask, Jared will almost always be down for a board game or a barbershop tag (within reason).

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